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The Movements: A Podcast History of the Masses
Adam Patterson on The Spanish Civil War and Anti-Fascism in the Age of Trump
January 03, 2017 The Movements History
Adam Patterson drops by the podcast to discuss terror bombings from the air, guerilla tactics, the history of fascism and the relevance of anti-fascist history in the age of Trump. Adam Patterson is an analyst of armed conflict who specializes in civil war, insurgency, and extremist movements. He currently focuses on sectarian violence in the Middle East. Adam maintains a blog called Napalm in the Morning ( and writes for Current Affairs ( You can reach him on Twitter @AdamPattersonDC or contact him via email at The Movements is a leftist history and politics podcast. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play. Transcripts may be requested for accessibility reasons by e-mailing Find us on facebook and twitter @movementspod and support the show by donating at
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