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The Movements: A Podcast History of the Masses
The Colonization of Palestine Part 4: Catastrophe
September 24, 2017 The Movements: A Podcast History of the Masses
The Palestine national movement is left reeling after the rebellion is crushed by the British and Yishuv. The Zionist movements strategy of simultaneously collaborating with and subverting the British is paying off, as the British provide training and combat experience to the same militias that will soon wage war to drive them out. Meanwhile, Middle Eastern Jews are failing in their decades long effort to mediate peace between the settlers and the indigenous population. Palestinian attacks on Jews are no longer differentiating between Middle Eastern Jews and the European settlers. These Jews, long denied leadership positions within the Yishuv, are increasingly welcomed into the Zionist movement as spies and terrorists. As the British abandon Palestine, the Yishuv acts swiftly to establish a fortress state of Jewish hegemony. The Movements is a leftist history and politics podcast. Transcripts may be requested for accessibility reasons by e-mailing Find us on facebook and twitter @movementspod and support the show by donating at
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